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Queensland Of Chennai India | Queensland Ghumna Jada Ko Clip

Tapaaiharulaai Swaagat Chha Mero Channel All Information Nepali Ma. Aaj Ma Tapaaiharulaai Chennai India Ma Raheko Queensland Bhanne Fun Park Ko Video Liyer Aayako Chhu. Yadi Tapaaiharu Pani Chennai Ma Raamro Thaau Ghumna Jaadai Hunuhunchh Bhane Yo Thaau Ma Pani Awasya Jaanu Hola. Yo Video Laai Like Gardinuhola. Yadi Tapaai Naya Hunuhunchh Bhane Kripaya Yas Channel Laai Subscribe Gardinuhola Ra Chheu Ma Aaune Bell Icon Laai Pani Dabaaidinuhola.

Entry fee is for adults and up to 450 INR for 450 INR. Children less than 2 feet (0.61 meters) are not charged long. The park is open from 10 am to 6:30 pm and 10:00 to 7:30 on weekend and in government leave. It is closed on Monday for maintenance, with the exception of the holiday.

Food & Beverage is available within the park.

You Can Ride

Free Fall Tower
Child Bumper Car *
Super Tele Combat (F)
Alpen Blitz
Roller Coaster
Pirata (Ship)
Kids Taxi*
Mini Avio*
Tora Tora
Swing Weight*
Ventura River*
Space Journey (F)
Mini Wheel*
Orchestra (F)
Mini Jet*
Dragon Fly (F)
Children Play Games*
Mini Train*
Dry Pool*
Adult Bumper Car
Cliff Hanger*
Video Plaza (F)
Disco Fly
Crazy Horses
Boating (F) (T)
Simulator (F) (Theatre)
Cable Car (F)
Fun House (F)
Mirror House (F)
Dark House (F)
Go Kart
Ballery Car (F)
Battery Scooter*
Bumper Boat
Himalayan Water Ride (F) (T)
Swimming Pool (F)
Frog Slide*
Mush Room*
Play Station*
Covered Twisters
3 Lane Slide
Free Fall Slide
Half Twister
American Wave Pool (F)
Queens Express Train (F)

T – Timing Operation
F – Family Ride
* Marked rides are exclusively for children

All rides can be enjoyed only once.

There is no charge for the ride. There are 51 rides, 33 adults and 18 children. However, when adult with a child can go on some adult rides. Rides include: free fall towers, and super waves. There are some water rides, which are operated from 2:00 until 5:00. Protective clothing can be purchased for a ride on water. There are also separate swimming pools for men and women. 

Park is situated between Chennai-Bangalore Trunk Road between Sriperumbuthur and Poonamalle. There is parking for cars. Buses are found and t. Available from Guindy And T. Nagar. All buses are going to Sriperumbuthur From Chennai Stop At Queensland.

Ph: 044-26811124, 26811136
Marketing Office:
Ph: 044-22301268, 22353371
E-mail: admin@queenslandamusementpark.com

Contact Socially

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/allinformationnepali

Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/jwalagurung

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jwalagurung

HydeCorner : https://www.hydecorner.com/allinformationnepali




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