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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Naya Naya News Nepal Vs Tanka Budhathoki Live Subscribers Count

Tapaaiharulaai Swaagat Chha Mero Channel All Information Nepali Ma. Aaj Ma Tapaaiharulaai HydeCorner App Kasari Chalaaune Bhanne Baare Bhandai Chhu Raamro Sanga Hernuhola Padhnuhola. Suru Ma Ta Tala Diyako Link Laai Click Gari App Download Garnuhola Ra New Ho Bhane Register Garnuhola Yas Laai Chalaauna Facebook Jastai User Name Ra Password Chaahinchh. Account Banaaisakepachhi Login Ma Gayer Login Garne Ra Profile Sabai Set Garne Jasari Facebook Ma Garnuhunchh. Aba Tapaaiharule Man Ma Laageko Kura Tatha Photo, Videos, Music And Files Update Garna Saknuhunchh. Yas App Baat Aaphno Pages, Earnings, Points, Ani Affiliate List Sabai Herna Saknuhu. Please Yadi Tapaaiharule Pahilo Patak Yo Video Laai Herdai Hunuhunchh Bhane Like comment Ra Subscribe Gaedinuhola Ra Chheu Ma Bell Icon Laai Pani Dabaaidinuhola. Yas HydeCorner App Baat Tapaaiharule Money Earn Garna Saknuhunchh. Aru Ko Post Haru Ma Gayer Like, Comment Garda Pani Paisa Kamaai Hunchh. Ani Aru Saathiharulaai Join Garaauda Pani Kamaai Hunchh. Ahile HydeCorner Ekdam Famous Hudai Gairaheko Chha. Tapaaiharu Pani Chhitai Join Bhaihaalnus. Paisa Tannai Kamaaunus. Blogger Sambandhi Jaankaari Linu Chha Bhane Comment Garnuhola. Like Ra Share Pani Gardinuhola.

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1- What is Hydecorner.
HydeCorner is a Social network which pays 80% of its revenues back to its members, here on HydeCorner you can earn money by liking commenting and posting genuine content on your wall.


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Kasari HydeCorner Chalaaune ? कसरी हाइडकर्नर चलाउने। How To Use HydeCorner ? Earn Money From Online

Friday, December 28, 2018

HyppTV Everywhere is an app that enables you to watch HyppTV live channels and movies on Android, IOS devices, computers and certain models of Samsung Smart TVs. You can watch variety of contents by subscribing to any channels or packs. HyppTv Box baat tapaaile aaphno tv ma internet, pendrive baat video, geet, photo herna saknuhunch. Android os bhayako1 le garda man parne app use garna saknuhunchh. youtube herna saknuhunchh. yo video ma wifi kasari jodne bhanne baarema sikaayako chhu. Tapaaiharulaai Jaankaari Garaaye Yo HyppTv Same Android Mobile Jastai Ho Same Settings Hunchh Aba Haamile Aaphno Android Mobile Ma Kasari Wifi Connnect Garchham Tyasari Nai Setting Ma Jaane Ra Connectivity Ma Wifi Setting Hunchh Jaane Ani Wifi Provider Ko Name Search Ma Aauchh Tyaslaai Click Garer Password Haaler Connect Gardine Bhaihaalchh.....Ani Arko Main Setting Garnu Parne Bhaneko Timezone Ho Time Setting Ma Gayer Time SMT Bhanne Set Garna Parchh Tyo Set Garna Google Gayer Search Garna Parchh Aauchh. Guys Mero Channel Laai Subscribe Garnu Bhayako Chhaina Bhane Please Subscribe Gardinu Ani Chheu Ma Bell Icon Aauchh Tyaslaai Pani Dabaaidinuhola. Video Laai Like Comment Gardinu Hola. Yas HyppTv Ma Tapaaiharule Playstore Ma Gayer Man Parne App Haru Install Garna Saknuhunchh. HyppTv Ma Sabbhanda Pahile Uc Browser Ra Es File Manager Bhanne App Haalnuhola Uc Browser Baat Youtube Herna Dherai Maja Aaux Ani Es File Manager Baat Other App Install Garna Dherai Sahayog Pugchh Ra Aru Android Device Baat File Aadan Pradaan Garna Sakinchh Shareit Ko Jarurat Pardaina. Yadi Tapaaiharulaai Es File Manager Bhanne App HyppTv Ma Kasari Chalaaune Thaha Chhaina Bhane Comment Box Ma Gayer Comment Garnuhola Awasya Turuntai Reply Dine Chhu.

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HyppTv Baat kasari wifi connect garne ? हाइप टिभी बक्सबाट कसरी वाईफाई कनेक्ट गर्ने नेपालीमा

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The most subscribed YouTube channels in existence. Close behind PewDiePie is T-series, a popular Indian music company. making it the second most-subscribed and the most-viewed YouTube channel in the world. It is also the most subscribed Hindi-language and Indian YouTube channel. The T-series channel is best known for its Bollywood music soundtracks. While the T-series channel has been around since 2006 (YouTube started in 2005), the T-series company, which runs the channel, has been around since the 1980s. The company’s breakthrough came in 1990, with the film soundtrack album, “Aashiqui.” The soundtrack sold over 20 million units in India, making it the best-selling Bollywood album of all time. PewDiePie is the most subscribed YouTube channel, Created in 2010 by Swedish comedian Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, the PewDiePie YouTube channel is best known for its “Let’s Play” videos and blogs, as well as Kjellberg’s following. His content has been described as goofy,

About T-Series

Furthermore, his father Late Shri Gulshan Kumar resigned his established company, T-Series, Bansan Kumar became president and managing director of this number of music labels in India. Bhushan Kumar took control over the musical empire in 1997 and t-series in different diversity with various US $ 120 million in music and movies. With the essential nail for music, Drive and Firmness set up the t-series in their borders and impossible roads to develop. Today, the music company has not only received soundtracks, but also produces movies, on new media revenue streams like mobile VAS, online digital, tv, iptt, fm, and white radio license and music publication. Upon raising the ability to capitalize on the same vision and the smallest opportunities of his father, Bhushan Kumar threatens the current innovation and technological advancement in the business, which enables him to increase the height of the company. His operating operations should develop Super Cassettes Industries Limited in the near future of US $ 200 9 million Entertainment Super Power. It has always tried to reach the global consumer and offer digital digital content to them by offering digital digital initiatives, which are the first to be the Indian music industry and are working well to establish more broad distribution networks with their main network. To celebrate his success and spell entertainment, Bhushan Kumar gave a ball with T-Serin. He is dedicated to his father music industry and is trying to fulfill all religious projects from across the country and abroad. He has made his commitment to misuse new talents and misuse of the industry. A teetotaler and a Vaishno Devi and a regular devotee of Lord Shiva married Katra in Vishnu Devi Temple in February 2005, in Divine Khosla, which will soon be directed to her first Hindi film. He has a unique passion for cars and lives a world troter for expanding his business.

PewDiePie Channel Ko Ahile Samma Sab Bhanda Badhi Subscribers Chhan Tyaspachhi T-Series India. Aba Agaadi Herdai Jaau Ko Agaadi Jaanchh Ahile Tibra Gati Ma T-Series Badhiraheko Chha Youtube Ma Pani Yi Dui Ko Live Subscribers Count Herna Saknuhunchh. PewDiePie Ek Person Ho Bhane T-Series Ek Music Company Ho.

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ABOUT T-SERIES vs PEWDIEPIE ? All Information Nepali

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Guys Today I want tell you how to increase views on videos. Please if  you are new to watching my video click subscribe button and get notification pressing the bell icon. if you really like my videos click like button and comment for encourage to me and share with your friends and family.

Aaphno Videos Ma Dherai Bhanda Dherai Views Lyaaunu Chha Bhane Pahile Ta Video High Quality Ko Banaaunu Paryo. Trending Videos Haalnu Paryo, Trending Videos Ko Matlab Dherai Jaso Kasto Videos Ma Dherai Views Like Comment Garirahekachhan Tyastai Wala Videos Banaaune. Editing Raamro Sanga Garne. Low Quality Ka Videos Kahilai Na Haalne. Videos Upload Garda Dyaan Dinu Parne Kura Haru Videos Ko Tittle Ma Clear Tarikale Dine Jun Videos Bhitra Chha, Description Ma Ali Badhaayer Lekhdine Jun Video Ma Bhaniyako Chha Tala Description Ma Pani Haaldine Ani Arko Main Kura Ho Tag, Tag Ma Videos Sanga Relative Sab Raakhne. Ani Arko Method Bhaneko Third Party App Use Garer Pani Views Lyaauna Saknuhunchh Jasto Ki Social Site Use Garna Saknuhunchh Jastai Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Ra Imo Whatsapp. Imo Ta Sabaile Chalaaunuhunchh Hola Imo Baat Dherai Bhanda Dherai Views Lyaauna Sakinchh. Aaphno Channel Ma Jaane Videos Ma Jaane Ani Share Ma Jaane Imo Select Garne Ani Friends And Friend's Friends Ma Select Garne Yaso Garda Tapaaiko Friends Le Pani Herchhan Ra Tapaaiko Friends Ko Friends Le Pani Herchhan. Ani Arko App Chha Playstore Baat Download Garnu Parchh Yo Baat Pani Views Lyaauna Sakinchh Tyasko Laagi Tapaaiharule Account Banaayer Subscribe Gardine Ra Views Dine Yaso Garda Points Aauchh Tyo Points Laai Aaphno Views Lyaauna Ra Subscribe Lyaauna Use Garna Sakinchh. Arko Chha Qqtube Bhanne Website Tyaha Gayer Free Ma Account Banaayer 1000 Views Free Ma Paauna Saknuhunchh. Aru Pani Chha Aru Aba Arko Videos Ma Bhannechhu Comment Garnuhola Aru Pani Bhaner. Please Mero Channel Laai Subscribe Garnu Bhayako Chhaina Bhane Subscribe Gardinuhola.

Install this app Sub4Sub Pro For Youtube Click Here : 

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Naya Naya News Nepal Vs Tanka Budhathoki :

How To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time Free Easily | Kasari  Views Paaune Sittaima ? 1000 Views Free Ma :

How To Get More Views On YouTube Channel | आफ्नो च्यानलमा कसरी धेरै भन्दा धेरै भ्युज ल्याउने त ?

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Tapaaiharulaai Swaagat Chha Mero Channel All Information Nepali Ma. Yas Video Ma Chauri Ko Chaamro Chhurpi Geet Haale Dekhi Subscribers Haru Kati Badhe Bhaner Dekhaauna Khojeko Chhu. Please Yo Video Laai Like Gardinuhola Ani Subscribe Gardiyer Malaai Jhan Hausala Badhaaunuhola. Videos Ko Taaital Laai Liyer Dherai Seriuos Pani Na Bhaidinuhola, Video Kewal Manoranjan Ra Jaankaari Ko Laagi Banaayako Ho. Tanka Sir Ra Shishir Sir Ko Channel Le Yasari Nai Pragati Unnati Gardai Jaanechh Kina Bhane Dubai Channel Baat Raamro Raamro Videos Haalnuhunchh. Views Pani Dherai Aauchh Ani Trending Ma Pani Baschh Dherai Din Samma. Yadi Yi Dui Channel Laai Subscribe Garnu Bhayako Chhaina Bhane Youtube Ma Search Garer Subscribe Garnuhola. Yastai Yastai Videos Haru Bhabishya Ma Haalnechhu Updated Rahanuhola. Tapaaiharulaai Mero Channel Ma Bhayako Video Editing Ani Tittle Description Kasto Laagchh Comment Garnuhola. Tanka Budhathoki Sir Le Garib Anapadh Baabu Ashok Darji Laai Pahilo Geet "Man Bina Ko Dhan Thulo Ki Dhan Bina Ko Man" Bhanne Geet Ma Gaauna Chance Dinu Bhayo Ra Tyo Yo Geet Yati Dherai Le Man Paraaidinu Bhayo Ki Ashok Darji Babu Ko Bhabishya Nai Badaliyo. Tyastai Shishir Bhandari Sir Ko Channel Naya Naya News Le Pani Dang Jilla Ko Janak Gandarbh Bhai Jo Kathmandu Ko Galli Ma Saarangee Bajaaudai Gaaudai Paisa Uthaauthe Tini Baabulaai Studio Ma Gaaune Mauka Dinu Bhayo Ra Padhaaune Lekhaaune Jimma Linu Bhayako Chha. Tyasaile Dubai Jana Ko Kaam Ma Kunai Kami Chhaina. Ajhai Dherai Kaarya Garna Hausala Dinu Parchh Ra Dinechhau Pani.


How To Put Ads Code On Blogger  After Approved | paycpcad ko ads code laai blogger ma kasari raakhne :

How To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time Free Easily | Kasari  Views Paaune Sittaima ? 1000 Views Free Ma :

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चौरीको चाम्रो छुर्पी | TANKA BUDATHOKI | ASHOK DARJI | AR | Chauriko Chamro Chhurpi :

Yasti Chhin Tanka Budhathoki Ki Shreemati ! AR Baahek Arko Pani Chhan Chhora | Tanka Budhathoki :

Naya Naya News Nepal Vs Tanka Budhathoki

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

We issue payment between 15th - 18th of each month for impressions earned in the previous month. For example, if you earned $20 in January, you will be paid $20 on February between 15th - 18th.

Yes! We accept all PG-13 rated sites, regardless of size or hosting provider. However, it's important that you check with your host to ensure you have permission to run our ads on their servers. This is in violation of some of their terms for providing free hosting.

There is strictly zero tolerance for adult websites, websites that promote hate and/or violence, websites that infringe on copyrights or distribute material for which they do not have express consent of the content owner. Otherwise, we are open to a wide variety of websites.

We have certain rules in place to protect our advertisers from low quality traffic, which may impact how impressions are reported on your account. For example, while we are a CPM network, we do require certain minimum click-through rate that is fair and accepted in the industry. If your account has excessive impressions without any clicks, impressions will be deducted from your account at our discretion.

Our ads sometimes need time to contextualize your site and as such sometimes fail to provide a relevant ad. In most cases, blank ads are due to an error on our end and should resolve itself within a few minutes. If you find that your site is showing blank ads for more than 24 hours, contact support immediately.
At this time we do not have an appeal process for banned accounts. Our bans are permanent.
We strive to answer all publisher support requests within 24 hours, but please bear in mind that we are all human and can miss things from time to time. If we haven't responded to you within 24 hours, please feel free to send us a follow up and we'll attempt to get back to you as soon as possible.

Unfortunately with the millions of variations of sites out there, we are unable to provide direct scripting support if your website has issues running our ad codes. We would recommend working with a qualified developer to see what changes can be made on your website's end to eliminate the issue. We can say with confidence that 99% of our publishers run our code without any issues.
We strive to work with high quality advertisers who pay a fair rate for your traffic. When we are successful in doing so, your CPM rates increase. However, from time to time we have periods where we cannot secure the best prices from advertisers and as such cannot always provide the great CPM rate you would expect from UberCPM. Please be patient with us as we continue to add new advertisers each day. nepali advertiser ani publisher website ho palash technology company bhannele sanchaalan gardai aairaheko chha. Sanchaalak Ko Naam Anil Limbu Ho. Office Kathmandu Ma Chha. Yo Ma Publisher Bhayer Kaam Garna Chaahanuhunchh Bhane Pahile Account Ko Log in Ko Laagi User Name Ra Password Kinna Jaruri Chha Tyasko Laagi Tapaaile Rs.5000 Dina Parchh. Account Paaisakepachhu Log in Garne Website Ma Gayer Tyaha Banner Ads Bhanne Hunchh Tyaha 2 Ota Codes Haru Raakheko Hunchh Tyaslaai Copy Garer Aaphno Website/Blog Ma Header Ra Footer Ko Bich Ma Raakhnuhola. Blogger Ma Ho Bhane Layout Ma Jaane Ra Layout Ko Tala Maathi Daaya Baaya Kaha Raakhna Chaahanuhunchh Tyaslaai Chhanne. Add New Gadget Ma Jaane Html Java Script Lekhekolaai Select Garne Ani Paste Gardine Tyo Ma Banner Ads Code Laai Copy Gareko Laai.

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How To Import Export Cookies On Mozilla Firefox Browser | Adsense Trick | कसरी सजिलै कुकिज बनाउने :

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How To Implement Ads Code On Blogger | पेसिपिसिएड को एड कोडलाई ब्लगर मा कसरी हाल्ने ? नेपाली मा

Sunday, December 9, 2018

How To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time Free Easily | All Information Nepali | Monetize Channel Super Fast

Hey friends I will tell you the easiest way to get 1k views free Along with 4000 hrs watch time in just 3 days according to new youtube policy youtubers must have 4000 hours watch time with 1000 subscribers in past 12 months i.e 20 february 2018. Please Watch this video to Easily Complete this threshold in few days.

This Trick Will Also Make You Get More Views On your Channel. After Watching this You Can Easily Enable Your

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Yo Video Baat Ma Tapaaiharulaai Ekdam Sajilo Tarikaale 1000 Views Lyaaune Tarika Sikaayako Chhu. Yo 1000 Views Le Tapaaile Youtube Channel Ma 4000 Hours Ko Watch Time Complete Garaauna Saknuhunchh. Suru Ma Ta Tapaaile Live Video Banaaune Tyo Live Video Ko Lenth Karib 4 Hours Ko 5 Hours Ko Hunu Parchh Ani Qqtube Bhanne Search Garnus Google Ma Gayer Jun Pahilo Number Ma Aauchh Tyaslaai Open Garer Signup Garnuhola Ani Video Ma Jasari Follow Garnu Hola. Yasko Account Banaauda Hunu Parne Kura Haru 1. Gmail Account, 2. Twitter Account

Get Free 1000 Views Ma Jaane Ani Qqtube Ko Twitter Page Laai Follow Gardine Ani Email Verify Garne Ani Last Ma Aaphno Video Ko Link Haalne Jun Video 4,5 Hours Ko Chha. Sab Garisakepachhi 3 Din Pachhi Hernus Jaadu Hunechh. Yadi Watch Time Ajhai Kam Pareko Chha Bhane Pheri Arko Yauta Account Banaayer Tyahi Video Ko Link Haaler Views Lyaaune. Tannai Accounts Banaayer Garda Hunchh Tar Sakesamma Aahno Family Athawa Friends Ko Gmail Id Ra Twitter Account Baat Banaauda Raamro Hunchh Sajilai Account Banaauna Sakinchh. Hope Yo Trick Le Tapaaiharulaai Phaaida Garchh Hola Malaai Ta Garyo Mero Pani Yasai Gari Puraayako Ho Watch Time. Yadi Tapaai New Hunuhunchh Bhane Please Mero Channel Laai Subscribe Gardinuhola Chheu Ma Aaune Bell Icon Laai Pani Dabaadinuhola Dhanyabaad.
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How To Import Export Cookies On Mozilla Firefox Browser | Adsense Trick | कसरी सजिलै कुकिज बनाउने :

Alternate Facebook Hydecorner | Earn Money By liking, Commenting, Posting | All Information Nepali :

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How To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time Free Easily | All Information Nepali | Monetize Channel Super Fast