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How To Implement Ads Code On Blogger | पेसिपिसिएड को एड कोडलाई ब्लगर मा कसरी हाल्ने ? नेपाली मा

We issue payment between 15th - 18th of each month for impressions earned in the previous month. For example, if you earned $20 in January, you will be paid $20 on February between 15th - 18th.

Yes! We accept all PG-13 rated sites, regardless of size or hosting provider. However, it's important that you check with your host to ensure you have permission to run our ads on their servers. This is in violation of some of their terms for providing free hosting.

There is strictly zero tolerance for adult websites, websites that promote hate and/or violence, websites that infringe on copyrights or distribute material for which they do not have express consent of the content owner. Otherwise, we are open to a wide variety of websites.

We have certain rules in place to protect our advertisers from low quality traffic, which may impact how impressions are reported on your account. For example, while we are a CPM network, we do require certain minimum click-through rate that is fair and accepted in the industry. If your account has excessive impressions without any clicks, impressions will be deducted from your account at our discretion.

Our ads sometimes need time to contextualize your site and as such sometimes fail to provide a relevant ad. In most cases, blank ads are due to an error on our end and should resolve itself within a few minutes. If you find that your site is showing blank ads for more than 24 hours, contact support immediately.
At this time we do not have an appeal process for banned accounts. Our bans are permanent.
We strive to answer all publisher support requests within 24 hours, but please bear in mind that we are all human and can miss things from time to time. If we haven't responded to you within 24 hours, please feel free to send us a follow up and we'll attempt to get back to you as soon as possible.

Unfortunately with the millions of variations of sites out there, we are unable to provide direct scripting support if your website has issues running our ad codes. We would recommend working with a qualified developer to see what changes can be made on your website's end to eliminate the issue. We can say with confidence that 99% of our publishers run our code without any issues.
We strive to work with high quality advertisers who pay a fair rate for your traffic. When we are successful in doing so, your CPM rates increase. However, from time to time we have periods where we cannot secure the best prices from advertisers and as such cannot always provide the great CPM rate you would expect from UberCPM. Please be patient with us as we continue to add new advertisers each day.
paycpcad.com nepali advertiser ani publisher website ho palash technology company bhannele sanchaalan gardai aairaheko chha. Sanchaalak Ko Naam Anil Limbu Ho. Office Kathmandu Ma Chha. Yo paycpcad.com Ma Publisher Bhayer Kaam Garna Chaahanuhunchh Bhane Pahile Account Ko Log in Ko Laagi User Name Ra Password Kinna Jaruri Chha Tyasko Laagi Tapaaile Rs.5000 Dina Parchh. Account Paaisakepachhu Log in Garne Website Ma Gayer Tyaha Banner Ads Bhanne Hunchh Tyaha 2 Ota Codes Haru Raakheko Hunchh Tyaslaai Copy Garer Aaphno Website/Blog Ma Header Ra Footer Ko Bich Ma Raakhnuhola. Blogger Ma Ho Bhane Layout Ma Jaane Ra Layout Ko Tala Maathi Daaya Baaya Kaha Raakhna Chaahanuhunchh Tyaslaai Chhanne. Add New Gadget Ma Jaane Html Java Script Lekhekolaai Select Garne Ani Paste Gardine Tyo Paycpcad.com Ma Banner Ads Code Laai Copy Gareko Laai.

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