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Friday, December 28, 2018

HyppTv Baat kasari wifi connect garne ? हाइप टिभी बक्सबाट कसरी वाईफाई कनेक्ट गर्ने नेपालीमा

HyppTV Everywhere is an app that enables you to watch HyppTV live channels and movies on Android, IOS devices, computers and certain models of Samsung Smart TVs. You can watch variety of contents by subscribing to any channels or packs. HyppTv Box baat tapaaile aaphno tv ma internet, pendrive baat video, geet, photo herna saknuhunch. Android os bhayako1 le garda man parne app use garna saknuhunchh. youtube herna saknuhunchh. yo video ma wifi kasari jodne bhanne baarema sikaayako chhu. Tapaaiharulaai Jaankaari Garaaye Yo HyppTv Same Android Mobile Jastai Ho Same Settings Hunchh Aba Haamile Aaphno Android Mobile Ma Kasari Wifi Connnect Garchham Tyasari Nai Setting Ma Jaane Ra Connectivity Ma Wifi Setting Hunchh Jaane Ani Wifi Provider Ko Name Search Ma Aauchh Tyaslaai Click Garer Password Haaler Connect Gardine Bhaihaalchh.....Ani Arko Main Setting Garnu Parne Bhaneko Timezone Ho Time Setting Ma Gayer Time SMT Bhanne Set Garna Parchh Tyo Set Garna Google Gayer Search Garna Parchh Aauchh. Guys Mero Channel Laai Subscribe Garnu Bhayako Chhaina Bhane Please Subscribe Gardinu Ani Chheu Ma Bell Icon Aauchh Tyaslaai Pani Dabaaidinuhola. Video Laai Like Comment Gardinu Hola. Yas HyppTv Ma Tapaaiharule Playstore Ma Gayer Man Parne App Haru Install Garna Saknuhunchh. HyppTv Ma Sabbhanda Pahile Uc Browser Ra Es File Manager Bhanne App Haalnuhola Uc Browser Baat Youtube Herna Dherai Maja Aaux Ani Es File Manager Baat Other App Install Garna Dherai Sahayog Pugchh Ra Aru Android Device Baat File Aadan Pradaan Garna Sakinchh Shareit Ko Jarurat Pardaina. Yadi Tapaaiharulaai Es File Manager Bhanne App HyppTv Ma Kasari Chalaaune Thaha Chhaina Bhane Comment Box Ma Gayer Comment Garnuhola Awasya Turuntai Reply Dine Chhu.

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