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Nepal Ma Ghumne Mukhya Thaauharu | Fact Of Nepal

Pokhara is a Nepal Metropolitan city. The capital of the capital, after making the capital of Pokhara Metropolitan City in 2017, is the second largest city in the country. It is the provincial capital of Gandhya Pradesh and the headquarters of Kaski district.
Pokhara capital is 200 miles (120 miles) west of the capital. The height differs from 827 meters (5,710 ft) to 827 meters (2,713 feet) in the southern part. Three unmanned ranges from the top three of the world - Dhaulagiri, Anurora I and Masulu Valley are within 15-35 meters (24-56 km).
Pokhara is called Nepal's tourist capital, is the basis for trekking which is in the Himalayas area of ​​Anarvan Conservation area. The city is also a large number of elite turtle soldiers' homes.

Temples and Gumbas

List of Hindu temples in Nepal

World peace pagoda

Radhakrishna Temple, Bindhyabasini, Pokhara

Bindhyabasini Temple in the evening
There are numerous temples and gumbas in and around pokhara valley. Many temples serve as combined places of worship for Hindus and Buddhists.Some of the popular temples and Gumbas are:

Tal Barahi Temple (located on the island in the middle of Phewa Lake)
Bindhyabasini Temple
Radha Krishna Shanti Ashram Lame Al
Sitaldevi Temple
Gupteswor Mahadev Gufa(Cave)/Temple
Mudula Karki Kulayan Mandir
Sunpadeli Temple(Kaseri)
Bhadrakali Temple
Kumari Temple
Akalaa Temple
Kedareshwar Mahadev Mani Temple
Matepani Gumba
World peace pagoda
Akaladevi Temple
Monastery (Hemja)
Nepal Christiya Ramghat Church, established in 1952 (2009 BS), in Ramghat area of Pokhara is also the first church in Nepal.

The capital city of Kathmandu capital and the largest city in Nepal, which is 1.5 million inhabitants of the city, and 3 lakhs is situated in the magnificent city of Kathmandu, including Lalitpur, Keripur, Madapur Thami, Bhaktipur total population, about 5 lakh people and municipalities of the Kathmandu valley.
Kathmandu is the largest metropolitan city in Himalayas. Nepali is the most spoken language in the city, whereas English can be widely understood.

The city is about 1400 meters (4,600 ft) above sea level. Central Nepal bowls in the Kathmandu valley of size.
The valley is historically labeled as the "Nepalese Nepalese Division" and is a home of a civilized civil civilization culture in the Himalayas sword. This city was the royal capital of the empire of Nepal, and there was a palace, a weapon and a host of Nepali refugees. This South Asia Association of Regional Cooperation (SARC) has been headquartered home since 1980.
Today, it is the seat of the Nepali Republic Government established in 2008; And is part of number 3 in Nepal administrative geography.

#Kathmandu is the center of history, art, culture and economy of Nepal for many years. It has a Hindu and Buddhist majority of the population. It's also a new home. Religious and cultural festivals are the main part of people living in Kathmandu.
Tourism is an important part of the economy; In 2013, by the TripAdvisor, Kathmandu was ranked third in the top 10 upcoming travel sites, and in the first place in Asia. This city is the entrance to Nepalese Himalayas, and the seven heritage sites in the house: sections of Hanuman Dara, Patan and Bhaktapur; Autopsy and stupus of Bhaadhnath; And the temples of Pashupati and Chung Narayana. There are seven casinos in the city.
On April 25, 2015, the historic areas of Kathmandu were destroyed by 7.8 magnitude earthquake and are in the process of rebuilding.

Bidindar Shakya of the NCC is Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Hari Prabha Khadgi of the Nepali Congress is the Deputy General.

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